GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, October 13

Wow, Apparently I am psychic. Talk about a change today...........

Yet another first for me.........I got fired. This has never happened. I have never left a job for any other reason then I was ready. I am not sure how to feel about this. I mean really I am sure I could have been more open and pleasant with my employer. But really I call life as I see it, if that doesn't set the appropriate "tone" for your office get someone else to lick boots. That will never be in my job description.

I was shocked for a bit. Then I was upset and hurt. (Talk about a self esteem hit) Then I got mad. I mean, come on. Of course I am not perfect but the reasons for firing me didn't quite make sense to me. I am going to have to chalk it up to personality conflict.

Which is another first..................of course as a teenager I had a lot of what we can call "personality conflicts". But as an adult you have passed the stage of learning to play well with others. I have learned to get along with just about everyone. I have not had a clash of real personalities since my mission. I mean yes there are people I don't think I get along with but even those people think we are great friends. I am never dishonest I just hate to hurt peoples feelings or embarrass them. There for I go out of my way to make sure I don't do that to others. I usually don't have a problem finding ways to say things that are polite and kind with out having to lie. Apparently that was not enough for this employer. I refuse to lie to people though. If I don't know the answer, I will say I don't know but let me see what I can find out. If we can't fit you in the schedule, I will say he has a full schedule but let me see what I can do. I don't care if you are a supreme court judge, a high priced attorney, or any other big wig, that does not give you the right to belittle people or be rude. I do for you just as much as I would do for any one else. Which is every thing with in my power. If that is too much then get out of my way and let me get on with my life.

On a good note I get to start a new/ old job tomorrow. When I quit my last job to take this new one I helped my good friend S get my job. I knew she would be good at it and felt really good about this decision. I knew it was what I was supposed to do. So when I lost my job this morning I went to see S. Being the good friend that she is she mentioned my problem to K in Human Resources and they offered me a part time position doing what I used to do. Freeing up S to cover in HR(which she prefers) and leaving the phones to me (Which I prefer). I start back for them tomorrow. With the possibility of going full time with them again.

So.........why the need to go to the other job? Maybe this is where S needed to be and it was the only way to get her here. Maybe I needed to learn how this rejection felt. Maybe I needed to learn that I am darn good at my job. Because as many complaints as I received from good ol Dr H. I got twice as many compliments when my old job asked me back. Maybe I needed to learn that life is not going to go the way I always expect it to. Only the Lord knows why, and I trust Him. That is not something I doubt. Yet again I have felt that the Lord is looking out for me. My sisters called me to check on me a matter of minutes after I lost my job. I also had talked to S and my best friend M with in thirty minutes of losing my job. I am realizing that I have quite a network of friends and family who love and care about me. I know the Lord knew I needed to hear from them today. So I am grateful for their calls and the reminder.

I guess it's the little things that count!!! ;)

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