GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Wednesday, October 5

Thoughts are already turning to the Holidays. My family is huge and therefore we have to plan everything in advance. There are people living in 5 different states and so all planning can be done via email. This takes the arguing out of the equation. It allows those that are not speaking to each other to be included in all emails without actually communicating each other.

Right now we are already planning Christmas dinner. I am not going to be attending this year as I have neither the time nor money to fly across the country. I have yet to decide if this is a terrible faux pas on my part. Should I be traveling home to spend 2 short days with my family? Just so I could say I was there for the holiday. To hear the thumps and crashes of Christmas morning. Which, might I add, are no longer the wonderful ritual of times past. To endure the questioning of acquaintances. "Did the boy you are dating come with you? You are dating someone, right?" "When are you planning your wedding?" "Are you going to be moving back to Utah soon?" "Why do you want to live out there in DC anyway?" "How much weight have you lost(OR gained if my mother is asking) since we last saw you?" I swear, some of these women think that I enjoy nothing more then to hear how they believe I should be living my life. Like I don't know that I am single. Obviously, the fact that I do not have someone that to cook, clean, and apparently live for has somehow escaped my notice.

So I am skipping the family rituals and questions this year and staying home in Virginia. I am going to enjoy the time to myself as roommates head off to family activities.

And then.................. I will cry as I miss my own family dreadfully.
Isn't that just like a girl. :)

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