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Saturday, October 29

I am mad tonight. So mad that I am blogging at 1:30 in the morning. Tonight I went to a party with friends. Not a first for me, I really enjoy these particular parties as I get to dance at them. I am learning to "club dance". Yeah I am 26 and have never been "clubbing". I like to dance and don't think I am half bad but that doesn't mean I am any good. And where better to find guys to practice on then the boys who have no idea what they are doing? Lol.

Tonight though after a fun time S, one of my best friends(who I had arrived with) asked SW to take me home. I know she was trying to be helpful but I had no desire to go home with SW tonight. I didn't want to have to deal with him. But she asked and he ok'd and therefore I went home with him. Early. I had a good couple of hours left in me but he was tired and so we left. To top it off another girl carpooled with him and so she was with us. Normally I wouldn't mind but this girl and I are NOT friends. And I mean NOT friends. She is the ex best friend of one of my best friends. Being a girl I am required to take sides. I of course back up my friend in this. That is what best friends are for. So here I am sitting in a car with the 2 people I have the least desire to be with. Grrrr.......

And I know my friend S did it on purpose. So how do you get out of such a situation. I couldn't turn him down as my ride had asked him to take care of me. I couldn't get mad at her becuase she thought she was being helpful and giving us "time". Not that I wanted that, but she didn't check with me first. I can make my own alone time.

Do I call her and tell her that I am mad at her? If so how do I do this so it doesn't hurt her feelings? Oh well. I guess I will just sleep off the mad. My thigh muscles are going to hate me tomorrow, anyway.

Good Night.

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