GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, October 4

Melancholy can't keep this girl down for too long. I am so excited today. I have Friday AND Monday off! I am going white water rafting on the Gourley river this weekend. The excitement can barely keep me in my seat here at the office. I am so antsy and it is only Tuesday. How will I survive the rest of the week.
Life is good. I have good friends who make sure I am busy. Hockey season officially opens tomorrow. AND I have a weekend on the river to boost moral. Who has time to worry about anything or ponder the thoughts of the universe.
Speaking of friends keeping me busy, last night I saw the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played. Loved it!! I was amazed at how they can take such a boring sport to watch and have the audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation. At the end of the movie I was tempted to go watch a real live game of golf!! But I think what pulled me in the most was the background of the players. Peoples past tends to shape their reaction to events. In this movie they used those backgrounds to create characters that were worth rooting for. On both sides. Really I didn't know who I wanted to win more as they both were equally deserving of the cup! Ok that is not completely true as I was more then willing to think "down with the English Aristocracy". But we were supposed to think that. I figure that is what makes a die hard fan. It is not so much what sport they are watching as the people/team who is playing. It is the history and background of team and/or players that makes them want to cheer for them even when it is obvious that they are going to lose.

Well that is enough of my ramblings for today. I can't seem to stay on a topic as I am to excited to stay focused!!!!

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