GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Thursday, October 6

Today I am antsy.........I can't sit still. I do not have to work tomorrow. I am headed to West Virginia to go white water rafting on the Gauley River. But that is tomorrow and today is stretching out before me. I can't focus on one thing, I swear the ADHD is driving everyone crazy. Not just me.

Last Night I went to the season opener of the NHL. For the first time in NHL History all 30 teams played on the same night. I figure all the players were so desperate to play that they wanted to play the first night they could.

It was a good game. I watched our local Washington Capitols squash the Columbus Blue Jackets. Well maybe not squash but we won and that is all that mattered. My only problem with the game was that there was not a single throw down of the gloves. What kind of hockey is that. I will admit to there being a couple of interesting and suspenseful moments. As a matter of fact I hope I get to go to another game sometime. I look forward to the rest of the season.

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