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Sunday, May 6

A Floozy Named Vanessa Crooner

Saturday started early with the need to clean like mad. Our landlord is trying to sell our house,subject to the expiration of our lease. There was a couple who wanted to see the house again. 3 of the girls in this house are not messy. I, on the other hand, tend to let things go. Granted I haven’t had time at home to be clean, but I had let it go for way to long. My room looked like a natural disaster had struck and my bathroom, hadn’t been cleaned in over a week. Knowing that it wouldn’t be in Showing condition but wanting it to be clean, we got up to make sure that it was presentable. Afterwards Regina was kind enough to make pancakes, bacon and eggs for my breakfast. I am continually grateful that I have a roommate who loves to cook for other people.

After the People had come and gone I made a grocery store run. Gina had sat down with me and we made a list. I then borrowed her car and went shopping. ON MY OWN. Don’t worry she has seen the error of her ways. What should have taken me less then an hour, took almost 2…I just kept seeing things that I thought we needed….or it was on sale. I got popsicles…the good kind 2 for $6….it was a good price, I swear. Then there was the Bananas…I was craving them….and Gina makes killer Banana bread. know how it goes....never let me go shopping hungry and alone. Lol!

Once the groceries were put away (before Gina was even aware I was home so she didn’t learn of my spending spree) I was only running 30 minutes behind schedule. I started throwing together the enchiladas for the dinner party I was to attend. I was actually pretty excited about the party it sounded like it would be quite fun. But more on that later. Kim came and we went shopping for necessities for the party.

Kim and I ran a little late but we were still able to make it to the party only 30 minutes late. Kate was already there. It was a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Game and we all had a part to play. If you ended up dead you were reincarnated as someone else. It was fun. The theme was Murder at the Four Deuces.

Big Jim was murdered…along with some others. We had to figure out who the murderer(s) was and why. Kim was Lesterbella…a local comedian who performed in Big Jims night clubs. Kate was R.K. Oswald, a famous radio station owner. I was Vanessa Crooner, a former Entertainer, whose husband had mysteriously died leaving me with all of his money…enough for me to be comfortable for a good long time.
My daughter Carrie, 19, was recently married to Big Jim, who had a temper. He hit her. I was not a fan. Lol!

So we all set out trying to find out information, money changed hands, rumors were shared, notes were taken, and accusations were made. It was a fun time, with some fun people.

There were a good number of people there and the accents were great…..not many could hold a 1920’s gangster accent. Many of the women, me included, kept falling into a southern accent. Lol! It was funny. The food was good and so was the company. I won't tell you who killed big Jim...all I can say is that I didn't do it...but I would to thank the person who did!

Here are the women...the men took their own photo. Lol!
By the time Gina and I got home it was after midnight. Just as I was going to bed I was pinged by a friend. It was nice to be able to talk even if it meant that I was up till after 3 am. Sleep who needs sleep?


Bunny said...

You. Were. HOT!

Rae said...

If only I could find a good picture to prove it. Lol!

Dinner and a Murder said...

This is actually not a How To Host a Murder Mystery game. It is a DInner and a Murder Mystery Game, written by me.. Mary Lee from Dinner and a Murder. Here is the link to the actual murder mystery game page:

I point this out so that you will not confused with How to Host murder mysteries, which are scripted and go in rounds. Ours (as you know) are interactive. We are 2 different companies.

Other than that glad to see your party was a success

Mary Lee

Rae said...

Thank you Mary Lee. I apologize for the mistake. I will make the changes in the post.