GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, May 29

Tiana Came, Tiana Saw, Tiana Conquered!

It was a good weekend with my sister. I love when she comes to visit and I am going to miss her terribly when she moves to Texas next month.

Sat night we went to dinner and then just spent a lot of time talking. Come to think of it…Sunday was spent at home just talking too….There are some things you can only talk about with others who have shared the experiences.

Monday was spent shopping for various items until we were starving and cranky. Lol! Thanks big sister for my new dress. It is an early birthday present and I love it. It is always nice to have a pretty dress in my closet. Lol!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did for their 3 day weekend.


tara said...

Oooh! It is darling!

Tiana said...

I love the dress you are a hottie!!! Woot Woo!!