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Thursday, May 17

Take me out to the ball game…Take me out to the Crowds…..

About a week ago I received free tickets to last nights baseball game through work. Yes I know I am spoiled, moving on. I invited Gina and Kate to come along and we were all pretty excited about it. Gina had never been to a game before and Kate is usually up for anything so I figured we were in for a good time. Lol! There was a bit of fear that they would call the game on account of the rain during the afternoon, but the weather cleared up enough for the show to go on.
The three of us each took the metro from a different stop and after horrendous delays due to traffic met up at the stadium. Of course we were late (when am I not?) and so by the time we arrived it was already the 3rd inning and our poor Nats were down by 1. By the time we hit the bathrooms, got food, and found our seats it was the bottom of the 4th…lol! We are girls everything takes longer. Lol!

The game was fun and we filled up on Crackerjacks (Thanks Kate) Cotton Candy and all the rest of the ball game food.

Gina learned how to enable videos on her phone and we practiced the art of the self portrait…

As you can see we still need a lot of work.

But it sure was fun.....

The Nats won the game 6-4 and we had a blast. The poor Braves couldn't seem to come back after Ryan Church hit a beautiful double with the bases loaded. I can't wait to go again...anyone up for cheap tickets to see the Nats and the Dodgers next week?

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Boo said...

Those photos of you guys are terrific. I think Kate looks great! I am so glad you had a nice time and thanks again for the invite. I am really sorry I wasn't able to join you but I think the studying paid off. Please keep me in mind for future games!