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Wednesday, May 23

One Quick Question....

So my computer has been down all day long....ahahaha.....Deep breath. Alright, back to the point.

As I was driving into work with my boss, this morning we saw this on a license plate:

P8ON 34

It had a border that had the touted the Chicago Bears......

So I am a little Confused....P8ON = Peyton....and the only Peyton I know that has anything to do with football is Peyton Manning. According to my knowledge, Peyton manning plays for the Colts not the Bears (Thanks Steph:)). According to Google Peyton's Jersey number is 18 not 34.

So can someone connect the dots for me? Peyton, 34, and the Bears? How do they go together?


Stephanie said...

Oh, my little RaeRae.

Walter Payton.

Go there and become richer in football knowledge. Then go forth and impress men and have babies.


Rae said...

I am much richer in my football knowledge now...Thanks I will share with all I see! Lol...