GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Friday, January 19


So I am back from lunch and I should be working on any of the 10 things that are on my “to-do” list for this afternoon. But I want to blog and won’t have any time this weekend….
My last post had a comment from anonymous and it has garnered much discussion among the “Girl Mafia” [just for you, Professor ;)]
One friend was extremely impressed that someone “rattle off "to be or not to be" with appropriate punctuation and continue to use fitting ideas and punctuation in the response that makes it all fit together so well. He's smarter than he thinks.” Some think I have a “cyber-stalker” and wanted me to be careful. Others suggest I “demand an identity.”

I on the other hand have been pondering his actual comment….I find myself curious what happened at the new job? Why was my blog in any way relevant? When did I know someone who could quote Hamlet? (This old age is getting to me… having a poor memory is no fun; hence I have the blog.) Who didn’t take his chance to impress the girl who would hide in baseball caps? I think you are partially right…Charm is not something that you can get by going through the motions…I find charm is a personality trait that some have and some do not. I am not a big fan of “charm” per se….those that I find charming are usually hiding something underneath all of the smooth talk and bright smiles. But intellect and intelligence is something that can be worked towards…..there are many ways to improve your intellect, but it takes work which can start with just going through the motions. You’ll have to trust me and the girl mafia when we say that the work is definitely worth it….many a girl is turned on by the spark of intelligence. Lol!

Who ever you are…I hope the new job is going well….and I hope you’ll tell me who you are….then maybe I can tell you what the reaction would have been.

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