GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Sunday, January 28


I have started blog after blog. I then stop halfway through because nothing sounds right. So here are the current thoughts:

I seem to be busy all of the time.

I went with the ward (congregation) to visit Williamsburg/Jamestowne Virginia. It was an enjoyable trip, though I realized that most of my friends in the ward have moved on. It is no longer the same. I have a ton of pictures and will get them up soon. I promise Boo…I will down load them tomorrow.

I am going to see the musical Wicked on Tuesday. I will be celebrating my sister Tiana, she deserves to be celebrated. I’ll blog about that after the show. Suffice to say that we are very excited.

January is went by so fast.

I think a lot. I recognize this is not always a good thing. I tend to over-analyze things. But I need to understand why things are. Why a person would act a certain way, or say such, or do such. Lately, I am trying to understand why I act the way I do. Then maybe, if I understand why, I can go about changing some of them.

There is so much that I don't know or understand. There is so much to learn.

And it goes much to blog about....

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