GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, January 22


I would like to state that I have a great Boss. I am to work an B and N tonight. My Boss has closed the door to my office and I have been given strict orders to relax before I go to my next job. She is also driving me to B and N tonight as it is a bit too slick for me to walk in such a busy area. Lol!

So here I sit, listening to James Taylor (for the moment) and reading over old blogs. One of the blessings of my horrible memory is that when I read over the old stuff I get to remember my life at that moment and the sad things aren’t with me always. I read about my life a year ago… was a very difficult time. As a matter of fact, life is still difficult for others due to the events of Jan 2006.

Ahhh…… A little Schaumann for relaxation…..

I don’t seem to be all that different from the person I was a year ago. I was reading the New Years’ resolution blog for ’06 and realized that they went unfulfilled. I have taken them up again. Here’s hoping that maybe I can get them done this year.

Ahhh…a little Boston….

Wow I am tired. I can’t concentrate. Maybe I will take a little nap at my desk, until my Boss is ready to leave.

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