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Wednesday, January 31

The Show went on.....

General Note: My hands shake when I take pictures. I don’t know why, but they do and therefore my pictures tend to come out blurry. Tiana and I discussed it last night; I decided that I would have to steal some of her pictures to replace the ones that are too blurry to decipher.

Yesterday was filled with “Wicked”. I played the soundtrack all day long. I couldn’t concentrate. Tiana and I were IM’ing back and forth, then talking on the phone while she was driving. How do people do this all of the time? Every time I go to the theatre I get excited. But this is a show I have wanted to see for over a year so the excitement was a little difficult to control. Lol!

Tiana was running a little late, and I was a little stressed about the drive. Everyone kept telling me that it would take hours, and if there was traffic we could possibly be late. AAGGGHHH! So we started off a little tense. Once we hit the freeway we were fine. The drive only took about 45 minutes.

Hours pshaw…Tiana knows how to get where she wants to go! But can I blame my blurring pictures of the Baltimore skyline on her driving? Going 90 could make it look like this right? Lol!

We had left the restaurant list back at my office so we drove around until we could find a place to eat. A few quick calls and we had a few restaurants in the Inner Harbour that sounded like a good idea. We settled on McCormick and Schmick’s; not too fancy but not McDonalds either. The food was fabulous. It was nice to sit and relax and just chat. Tiana and I never really have trouble finding things to talk about. Both of us were worried about being late to the theatre so we probably ate a little faster then necessary.

On the walk to the car we ran into Yenta, unfortunately she still has not found a match for me…but maybe someday. ;)

Off to the Hippodrome!

The Show was fabulous and the seats were totally worth the money that was paid. It was a thrill to sit and listen and be swept up in the story. Tiana bought me a shirt that I can’t wait to wear. I must admit that we were slightly disappointed in the vocal talents of Fieryo and Elphanba. Fieryo just wasn’t strong enough for us…though he was cute, so that kind of makes up for it. Elphaba blew us away for the most part, but there were a few notes at the bottom of her range that she just didn’t hit. Sad but true. But hey, we are armchair critics…there is no way we could do what she did so we are not complaining.
Tiana drove back to my house and got to see the new place for the first time. She was up early this morning to drive to her 8 am class.....All in all it was an amazing evening. We even discussed maybe going to NY in June and seeing a couple of shows there.

Tiana..I hope you had Fun! Happy Birthday, Big Sister! Here’s to a better year then the last.
Love you Always


Tara said...

two things:

1. is your shirt black and does it say 'wicked'. if so, i have one too. we should wear them and take self-portraits

2. i am seriously wondering if your fiero was the same one i saw at the kennedy center LAST january, because i thought EXACTLY the same thing.

Rae said...

1. No it is a green V neck that says defy gravity but I still think we should take pictures cuz that would rock.

2. Have you ever seen pics of Damion Williams?He played Fieryo on Broadway for a bit, and he is who I see in my head when I heard the music and read the book. Probably why I didn't like this Fieryo.

Anonymous said...

Oh we had a fantabulous time! Thanks for the greatest evening! I sure do love ya!