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Tuesday, April 29

I miss my Meg!

You know that one person that you talk to all the time. Good things, bad things, not even remotely important doesn't matter because you talk about them. When they answer the phone, they don't care if you start in the middle of a conversation, because they already know you well enough that the first part of the conversation isn't needed! That's Meg. She and I have been friends for about a dozen years. When I moved across the country we relied solely on telephone conversations and short visits! It was tough, but in the past year she has been online a lot more (thank you TM's) and I have gotten accustomed to her being available during the week for chatting through out the day. It has been almost like high school again. We talk all the time.

(Enter tragic heartbreaking music)

Meg's computer broke last Friday. I know she is experiencing withdrawals from the internet, (as this blog is all about me) what is important is that she is not here to chat.

Who am I going to ping when something tragic happens.....
or something that is so hilarious that I know only she would find it funny
or I have to figure out how to react to certain situations........

I miss my Meg.

Please Mr Computer Fix-It Guru, please hurry and get her back online.

(And Meg........remember, I will clean your kitchen for the rest of my life, you just have to do one itsy, bisty, teeny, weeny, little favor)

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