GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, April 22

I need a good brown belt.

My favorite jeans are ruined; even fresh from the dryer, they no longer fit snugly. A girl expects them to relax the fit after a wearing them for a day or two. But that first wearing they are supposed to be snug on your hips and rear.

I know this is a happy thing, but really, these jeans I just purchased (Kate was that just last fall?) won't stay on my hips any more. Which in turn means that they are way to long. I purposely bought them long so that I could wear heels with them making my legs look great. But now all I can worry about is if my underwear is showing! How can a girl feel as if she looks good if she is constantly pulling her pants up.


I miss that snug feeling.


Jessica said...

On one hand I want to smack you b/c you're complaining about losing weight...on the other, I completely agree that its annoying when our clothes don't do what we would like them to. Lets go shopping! :)

Sherpa said...

Hey, its been like what-5 months since you found its time to treat yourself to another pair.