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Friday, April 4

Struck down by the statcounter....

I have an obsessive relationship with my statcounter. It fascinates me to see what people are searching for. I love checking to see who has checked in, I can tell when my sister in Texas has checked and know that there will be a cute comment waiting in my inbox for me.

This morning I checked after a full day of not getting online. (Yesterday was a day spent in bed trying to remind myself that it only felt like God hated women. UGH!)

So this morning when I checked the counter it showed that someone had spent time reading through my archives yesterday. I was curious and clicked on the page that caught their attention and was whisked back to the end of last year. As I read through the entries of November and December I was reminded of why I have this blog. My memory is fairly poor and as I read my words I remember the emotions of that time.

I also remembered Mr Anonymous. Anyone else remember him? As an update: I still have no idea who you are. It has been about a year now; do you feel up to letting me know who you are yet?

Tomorrow is General Conference. I am looking forward to it. I expect to post a blog with my thoughts tomorrow night. You will have to survive until then on this:


Amy said...

Ok- you are seriously starting to freak me out! Meg is right- You and I are so alike! I have an obsession with my stat counter too! And of course you already know how I feel about David Cook *sigh*

I scored tickets to tomorrow afternoons session of conference- yay! I'm sure I'll be blogging about it too.

Have a great Friday!

Boo said...

I love this version of Billy Jean. It's amazing. I never thought anyone could top Michael but David's version is pretty impressive. Thanks for posting.

Jian Chen said...

I have my site on statcounter.

statcounter is down these two days. Scary they must have lost all of the data for their users.

I am thinking about alternatives than statcounter, as they seems to be not that reliable.

Rae said...

I noticed they have been having problems yesterday....but I really like the way they are set I wilol probably stay with them....