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Wednesday, April 23

My recap (Even if Kate thinks they are all idiots)

I must say......I hate confrontations. Why can't we all just get along?

But moving right along....
My Idols evaluation:
Every week I find that I enjoy the performances of The Davids and Carly. The three of them have amazing talents. This week was no different. I loved the choices that they made. Jason Castro was his usual performance self....I really do see him on a beach somewhere toking it up and strumming his guitar.

The 2 I am posting for this week are the ones who impressed me most.


I usually don't have much to say about her. She has a great voice, but has always bored me. I was not bored this week, as a matter of fact I was amazed! I think she made an interesting comment when she was talking to Lord Andrew. She said: "It's American Idol, not musical theater." My response: Honey if you had been this animated from the beginning you would never be in the bottom 3. Play to your strengths, the audience always loves a good show! Broadway is callin'


Brooke is also not usually a favorite of mine. She is gangly and awkward. But her voice is so interesting and she does have a lot of talent. This week, she impressed me with how she handled herself. You know she was mortified and she was almost in tears during the judges. While the performance wasn't her best, it was still very effective and moving.
Plus...she didn't spend the whole time talking!

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