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Monday, April 28

Tag. I am it.

Okay, Baby Sister Tallie tagged me and in my desire to support my family I am responding. (See Tallie, I do love you!)

What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago? Let’s see I was almost 19. Lukas wasn’t even a year old and I working at Days Inn and Sears helping out at the house and taking the boys with me to BYU to play. Lol!

5 Things on my ‘to do’ list today:
  1. Organize the Donations for our Afghani Drive! YAY!
  2. Walk….hopefully the rain lets up.
  3. Figure out my response to Roommate drama…UGH!
  4. Clean my Room
  5. Laundry
3 Bad Habits
  1. When my life gets stressful, I disconnect from those around me and hide in a world of books. I am training myself out of this but it is slow going….
  2. I have to be doing something with my mouth….if I am not talking I am eating. To stop both I will chew gum.
  3. I am not sure of a third… I am sure my “oohh, shiny” moments count as a bad habit. I have got to learn to focus!
If I were suddenly a billionaire?
I always answer this question the same way. I have no idea. I would end up putting it in the bank while I tried to figured it out.
I am sure, there would be bank accounts set up for family, friends, and others. Something would have to be put away for retirement or whatever…Do you think there would be enough to build a library?

4 Places I have lived:
Well if I had to name just 4; I think my favorites are………
  1. New Hampshire
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  4. Orem, Utah
5 Jobs I have had:
  1. HR Coordinator
  2. Medical Receptionist
  3. Customer Service (Sears Home Central. How may I help you?)
  4. Housekeeping at Days Inn
  5. And my all Time Favorite..Barnes and Noble bookseller! (Now if only I didn’t like getting a decent paycheck I would give up everything and work there. Lol!)
5 Things people don't know about me:
  1. I am actually a very shy person. I try to tell people but no one believes me. It takes a lot for me to be outgoing; most people think it comes naturally. In reality, I get sick to my stomach every time I have to deal with large crowds and new people.
  2. I am scared of the dark....and all things that go bump in the night!
  3. I have little personal epiphanies all the time; you would think I know myself by now. (The most recent being I don’t talk like most people. Just ask Patience and Meg!)
  4. I don’t consider most people friends but acquaintances. There are many people that consider me friend that I count as acquaintances. I can count those I consider friends on 2 hands. (Not including family, of course.)
  5. When I am uncomfortable I try laugh. Even in writing I will use ‘Lol’ quite a lot if a topic makes me nervous or uncomfortable.
I now tag: Meg, Patience, Kate, Jess, Code Monkey and Tiana (That’s twice T…..get a blog!)

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Amy said...

I'm soorry about the roommate drama. After too many years of the drama I finally decided I couldn't handle it anymore and now I live on my own. It's so nice.