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Wednesday, April 9

Lunch time….

Lunch time today consists of me sitting in for our receptionist at the front desk and listening to last night’s American Idol performances (thanks YouTube!). This seems to have become a ritual. For the past 3 weeks, I have missed my show so I have caught up while covering the reception desk.

I have nothing else to write really. Life is just plodding along at its regular slow place.
Sunday was particularly fun as we headed over to Code Monkey’s pad to watch the second session of conference. Unfortunately, there was very little watching and lots of chatting. Thank heavens the transcripts will be available online tomorrow so I can catch up on what I missed.

Monday there was walking with Patience. We learned that DC can change in a matter of blocks. And that there are many areas in DC that are better then mine. Lol!

Tuesday was spent angry at my tv…..who screws with the local channels when American Idol is on...

Which brings me to today….a boring Wednesday with nothing to write about other then the fact that I got to mail 17 books to my best friend. We can’t have her going with out. Lol!

This weekend is the Cherry Blossom Parade, which I am volunteering for. Next weekend is the Twilight Mom’s Lunch in Richmond…That should be fun!

Lunch is over so I will post the two I enjoyed the most. They aren’t the best of the evening but maybe because I am currently into the angry power rock I liked these.

I do think the judges were wrong. I really enjoyed Carly last night:

I do think the judges were right, David had a good performance but it wasn’t his best. But then again I think I am in love wiht the scruffy look. Yum!:

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Tiana said...

Cute David Cook!!!