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Saturday, April 5

Todays Random Notes:

These are the thoughts from today:

Twice a year millions of members of my church gather to listen to the words of a prophet’s voice. Modern Technology has made this quite easy for me, even if I didn’t have the ability to watch it on tv, I could listen to it via the internet. How cool is that. I am blessed with BYU TV in my bedroom so I am able to listen to the broadcast from the comfort of my own bed. I can be spiritually uplifted dressed in an oversize t-shirt, pajama bottoms and fuzzy socks.

A solemn assembly. It has been many years since I last was present for a solemn assembly, and at that time we had 2 in a short time. I still remember the rush it was to watch the priesthood arise and sustain the new prophet and quorum of the 12. Today it was just me watching by myself. I watched the priesthood on TV and then joined the women of the Relief Society to sustain our leadership. Finally, I also joined the complete membership to sustain our leaders. As I stood there, I knew that my family and friends were standing in their homes in VA, TX, UT, CA, and other places. There is still a rush. :)

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Tiana said...

It was awesome! Cute little Justin kept trying to stand up with every turn it was....he was upset they didn't do one just for the primary kids...but he got over it...he's 6...he'll have other times when he will get to stand. :) I love that Christoperson is the new Apostle! Isn't that so awesome!