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Friday, April 25

Wisdom comes in all shapes and colors

Weeks ago I came across an interesting post about “the lost art of wooing” on yet another blog. I, of course, quickly added this new blog to my bloglines. I would have been sad to miss the insightful posts like Dreamgirls and Profilin, and of course today’s Dating/Shopping post.

While reading today I was struck with the thought that one of the many things the internet has given us is the opportunity to learn from people all over the world in many different ways. I have no idea who this person is; I don’t know anything important about them, not even their name. But that doesn’t change the fact that I can learn from their life lessons. Just as I can learn from the life lessons of those I meet, like last night’s Dottie who told me stories of her time during the Korean War. There are so many people in this world, and the experiences are never the same. Maybe if we were able to learn from each other rather then fight with each other, life would be better.

Thanks to **K** and the other bloggers for your willingness to let me peer through the windows of your lives.

***Yes, I know the information that is posted in the blogs can be fictitious. That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy them or find nuggets of wisdom in them. ***

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