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Saturday, December 24

Christmas Eve

What a day.......
It started bright and early with family pictures. Who knew that getting 21 people to agree on poses would be so difficult. Along with the friendly remarks to each of the children....."are you sure you want your hair like that".....or...... "tell me you are not wearing that shirt" ........or my all time favorite..."well at least you are wearing make-up, that color will surely make it stand out." Gotta love Mom's compliments. They help everyojne in the family feel fabulous.

Brunch followed pictures and White Elephant followed Brunch. Lots of family Time. For the first time in over 5 years the whole family was together spouses and all. It was full of loud voices and laughter. With nice comments that rip your self esteem to shreds and enough food to help you gain those wonderful 10 holiday pounds. What more could you want.

I know I sound like a grinch but after 3 days of shopping for presents with the kids, breakfasts Lunches and dinners for the kids, putting kids to bed, getting kids up and ready for all of the rest....I DON'T WANT TO PLAY ANY MORE. (Pardon the Caps. It was a stress reliever. Lol!)
I am noticing the difference between me now and me a year ago. Me a year ago would have accepted this as reality. I would be planning how to get all of my things back to Utah. Now I am thanking Heavenly Father that my grandfathers memorial is Wed. This causes my family to fly out on Tues afternoon, before my flight. Meaning.......there is no reaon for me to stay. I can look the other way and pretend that my family is going to be fine.
Yeah i know that is not reality but let me live in my fantasy.

I did get a reprieve when I went to my Best Friends family for Papa Thorne's Birthday dinner. I got there for the best part. Boston Creme Pie for dessert. Home made by Mama Thorne. She is one of the best cooks I know. Sitting around the table with their family is always a pleasure. It was fun to talk and laugh and be pleasant with each other. That is how I want my family to be. I know it will never be that way with my Mom, but amybe some day when I am old and have kids of my own (if that is in the cards) then I will get to have that experience. If wishes were fishes and all that. Lol!

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