GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Tuesday, December 20

Today is a fabulous day. Probably because I got 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep. I slept through my alarms (yes, I have 3 just for this reason Lol!) and had to hurry to catch the bus for work. But here I sit listening to Christmas music and excited to go home for the holiday. Still nervous as can be but happy. My brothers are excited to see me and shopping excursions have been scheduled. Along with a massive cooking fest in the Kitchen Friday night. We have to make the Traditional breakfast Quiche. Not that I will do more then follow orders but it will be a bonding moment for my brothers, my mother and I. It will make mom feel happy. When she is happy I see glimpses of the woman that I spent my formative years with. She used to be so vibrant and happy. and I love seeing her that way. I miss the woman who used to sing hymns to put us to sleep, take us to the beach.....ugh I am going to ruin my good mood. Let's just say I have high hopes for Friday night with my Mom and the boys. It is good for the boys to get a glimpse of the mom they never got to know.
The other thing that is so fabulous is we got our holiday pictures, they follow this post. I am still not comfortable with the pictures but they are not horrendous. And for me to say that means I have changed quite a bit in the last year. Lol! For me to even post them means something. So yes, you can give me a pat on the back for it. Lol! So take a look and enjoy. If I can figure it out there will be a folder that hold all of them. I have some hilarious ones of my co-workers. But that requires a sit down session with my dad, the programmer. Merry Christmas to me, he'll teach me how to navigate around in my blog, probably the hard way but it will help. Lol!

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