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Friday, December 30

Good Day? Bad Day?

I awoke today in a fabulous mood yet again. It is always a good sign when I can convince myself to get out of bed. Lol! It's just so warm and comfy with the pressure of the covers music playing softly from my alarm......Not this morning though. As comfy as I was the alarm had to go off so as not to wake the baby in the next room. Not my baby, Obviously we have company staying with us. But that didn't even bother me. It was morning and I had a good 6 hours under my belt and I was happy to be up. The Temperature was to be 50 today. It is Friday. I had family and friends to email and a weekend (New Year's Eve) to plan....It was looking to be fabulous. And it stayed that way. Thru the morning, thru work drudgery and half way thru Lunch time pedicures..... Then it hit again. I don't even know what brought it about. I AM SINGLE. Sometimes I believe this is a fabulous things. Other times, like today, I detest it. I hear the ex-husband, horrible step-family, soon to be ex-brother-in-law, etc stories and think, wow am I lucky. Then I hear the wonderful, "she held my hand for the first time", or "he sent me flowers" or read wonderful blogs of people who are in love and I think "am I ever going to find that?" Ironically the song I Say a Little Prayer for You just started playing. Some days you can't win for losing, as my mother says.
This will pass. I am going to dinner tonight. Then I'll go to a movie. Tomorrow is the Caps Game, and fun in the district. I will have fun. This funk will pass. I just won't be as happy as could be if I had someone to share it with. So I'll be as happy as I can be by myself. Lol!

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