GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, December 17

I figured it out. The melancholy that has settled over me today. I have been unable to fully understand. I had a fabulous night. I should be energized and excited today. It has been wonderful.

But I am not. I have this sense that something is not right in my world. As I was collecting my things I realized it's a form of loneliness. Yes, I had a wonderful night but there was no one to come back to the room with. Friends are all well and good, but where was the man to be with me while I changed back into plain old me. Where was the guy who would love me in my pj's after I took off the fabulous dress and make up. There was no one there to hash the evening out with. To laugh about who was drunk and what was done. To calm my fears about some of those driving home even though they shouldn't be. OR to just hold me as I woke up this morning. There was no one. Friends are all well and good but sometimes it just doesn't cover all of the bases. It's this darn holiday season. It accentuates the loneliness..... As I read on a friends blog recently...(paraphrasing) It would be nice if Love came for Christmas. :S No worries this too shall pass. The season is almost over :l

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