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Saturday, December 31


I wanted to blog something light hearted today. As a matter of fact last night it was a tunning joke what would end up in our blogs today. I went out with 3 of my good friends here and was informed we have Sex in the City Experiences. Having never seen the show I was unable to put in my two cents. Therefore as every choose who was who I was told I am Carrie(by default). If you know what this means please explain. But I digress.....
What has been most on my mind is arguments. There were words said among my friends that caused upset. I hate this! I am one of those people that wants all of my friends to be friends with each other. I sometimes don't understand why they can't be. But then I am of the personality that allows each person to be who they are regardless of their choices. I have made too many horrendous ones to judge any one elses choice. (Granted, as has already been mentioned in my blogs, the judgements go on in my head but I recognize that they are undeserved and therefore I keep them to myself and silently berate myself for them) I can tell you what I believe or don't but you are always free to choose for yourself. That is what this life is all about. Especially for my friends.

There is one exception to this rule, and this is the conflict. My family and close friends fall with in a circle of protection that can cause me to lose my temper. And my temper is not something that should be unleashed on the world. Lol! It has violent tendencies, kind of like a mama bear and her cubs. Back the hell off and leave my babies alone. But what happens when my friends are the ones that are odds with each other. The urge to protect both of them is strong. So is the urge to tell them to accept one another and let it go. These things must change on their own, not by force.
I must go so I will have to blog the rest later. I am having a hard time trying to stay out of this. I hate when my friends are upset
And they are upset today.


Stephanie said...

Dearest! I think we're playing nice again. As your other reader if he agrees but I think we're back on track. :) XOXOX

The Idawhore said...

You aren't the friend she was talking about, Steph.