GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Saturday, December 17

The time is coming soon for me to leave here. I am prepping to check out of the fabulous resort in which I have stayed. The chimes have struck and this Cinderella is going to have to go back to her mundane life.
Last night was really fabulous. I did have a lot of fun. Here I sit in a fabulous hotel room listening to classical music and thinking back over the evening......

There was good food, lots of people I knew and fabulous music. Steph picked the DJ so there was an under written rule that the dance floor was never to be empty. Even the worst songs had at least me, steph and 2 of our friends on the floor. My feet really hurt, the heels only made it half way through the night before the were left on the side lines. How are you supposed to dance in heels that are 3 inches tall and have no support. I will never know. lol I am told I looked pretty good. I am still nervous about it.......But I wouldn't be me if I wasn't. There were pictures taken, I think I might even get the courage up and post one here. We will have to see.

As you can tell I am still pondering the evening, which didn't end till late and then we were up for room service and a dip in the pool before our check out today. Maybe I will write more reflection on it later. The events are tumbling around in my brain and I can't seem to focus them.....Other then to say that the blisters were worth it. Lol!

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