GRADUATION!! (Grad School)

Monday, December 5

The Trip to Ohio was...well I wouldn't say unsuccessful. But I can't say that is was a success. Gramps was in and out on Saturday. He had a very lucid day on Sunday. My mother was...well my mother. I got to meet a whole set of family members that I didn't know existed. Gramps' older brother had 15 children. There are Aunts and Uncles and cousins I have never even heard about.
As nice as that was.....I don't think he has long. I am okay know. I know that there is peace and loved ones awaiting him on the other side. I hate to see him in pain. I hate that he can't talk to me. I hate that he looks at me trying to get me to understand, and I see the frustration and disappointment come into his eye as I just don't follow. As much as I wish I could freeze time in a place where he was happy and healthy, I know that is not even a remote possibility. There is no place to go but forward. I will miss him when his time comes be it this month or many in the future. But I now have a new image in my head. For those that read the comics I see The Family Circle. With Gramps watching over me and making sure that I am alright.
I am sure he will have better things to do with his time, but still it makes me smile.

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